Digital Media can Launch your Brand. Are you Ready?

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Building Brands is not a new subject.  The end-goal of engaging consumers or business is the same.

What has changed?  The Tools….

Social Media (the big buzz word,) will come to be know as Digital Media.  Digital Media will encompass online and mobile.

Some people think that social media is for teenagers to swap photos or tweet about what they had for breakfast, but actual it is being used to grow brand engagement at a rapid pace.  If you just connect with your target audience in digital communities with the right content you’ll get the most engaging conversation you’ve had with your audience.

This is Explosive!!

Digital Communities allow you to have 2-way conversations with your audience and allowing many conversations at one time.

Referrals have always been one of the most powerful marketing tools and remains the same today.  With Social Media the opportunities for referral are so much easier.  This can exponential increase referrals to your brand.

We are helping our clients solve the mysteries behind Digital Media to improve their Brand Value and most important… Increase their Revenue.

Are you Ready?

Cable vs Broadcast


It is no surprise that cable has continued to grow and grab big programming. Oprah moved to cable. Monday Night Football did. Now March Madness.

People want to watch what they want to watch. Online, we search out exactly what we want and go.

TV is no different, that is why smaller networks (cable networks) are getting what they get. It narrows to a specific target. The big Broadcasters are very broad and want a very large and broad audience. While cable networks tend to reach fewer viewers, they reach more specific viewers. This is good for advertisers, if they are marketing to that specific demographic.

As more people do more things online the demand for specifically what we want grows. We have more choices to read what we want and watch what we want.

As content producers knowing where your content fits the best will allow you to grow viewership. As advertisers knowing what content to be along side or with, (for embedded content… in) can and will make all the difference.

More channels will come and their specialty will be greater. Especially, as they reach more of a global audience. As more goes global, it is possible to narrow even further. Thinking globally, a narrow, more specific program can reach larger audiences, in sheer numbers alone.

So, enjoy watching what you want, where you want.


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Now take my post from April 19th, ’Knowing Your Target Audience,’ mix in the post from April 21st, ‘Reaching Critical Mass Faster,’ with the post from April 14th, ‘Quality is Key in the Digital World’ and you have power.

Power as a marketer, to reach who you need to with the right quality content. These are some of the things that Nappic works with everyday.

Right now we’re having some really exciting times.

Reaching Critical Mass Faster

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I was looking back at an older Blog book written by Hugh Hewitt.  In one of the chapters he writes about the Protestant Reformation… Martin Luther was able to question Catholicism without persecution because of the invention of movable-type printing press. This type of printing allowed for printing to be 400 percent less expensive. This allowed a much larger reach of communication in a short amount of time.

Prior to this, only the rich could get their hands on information.  This new way to print allowed the majority of people to receive information. Martin Luther’s message spread around Europe in about a month.  Without the movable-type printing press this wouldn’t have happened and Martin Luther would have been silenced.  He reached a critical mass.

Fast-forward to the last 10 years…  The digital communication we experience today has again been made possible by new technology.  The cost of reaching critical mass has once again been greatly reduced.

Now, take today and the near future, it is all about taking this digital information anywhere via mobile. This is powerful because 4-times more people own a mobile phone than those that own a computer. Mobile content once again, allows a greater reach, in a shorter time, at a reduced cost.

Knowing your Target Audience.

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Seth Godin’s discusses the success of Steve Cohen, who makes a million a year doing magic.

Seth brings up some points that make Steve successful.  I agree knowing his craft is huge, but then from there it comes down to his narrowed target audience and knowing that audience very, very well.

The better you know your target audience the better you can provide to them and the better you can sell to them. I think too many people brush over their target audience and don’t give enough thought into the matter.  If you truly take the time to deeply understand your target audience you will have a much high chance of success.

The knowledge you get from doing the research and digging further will allow for much better answers to the questions of what you should say, how you should say, when you should say, where you should say and much, much more.

These items tend to seem simple and in some ways they are, but if you force yourself to peel back another layer and then another, you will find great communication with your audience.  Better Brand Building!!!

Think of it as writing a script without knowing the characters.  That sounds ridiculous… doesn’t it?  And it is, so is not knowing your Target Audience the best you can.

Dig deeper and you’ll find the gold.

People want to watch, not read.

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Gavin McGarry

Gavin McGarry at MipTV

Gavin McGarry from Jumpwire Media, closed MipTV discussing all to take away in digital media from this years conference.

He stated “Video is expected to be nearly 50% of internet traffic by 2012 and video is expected to be 64% of global mobile data traffic by 2013.”

Video content has always been powerfully and as connection speeds continue to increase everywhere, especially through Mobile this will continue to grow as the preferred way to communicate and be entertained online.

He also states, “you need to be in two places: YouTube and Facebook.” They are number 1 & 2 in terms of views. (YouTube leads.)

Video, video and more video.

You can read more of what  had to say at the MipTV Blog.

Quality = Savings.

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Higher quality design and production will allow your brand to more quickly build impressions into the minds of your target audience.

By maintaining and enhancing your Brand you can actually reach your audience fewer times, with a more memorable impression.  This can save you money.

This is the same for getting video to spread digitally.  If it is produced well, it will be spread by your audience. This saves you money from having to pay for distribution.

Again, just to be clear, quality is not always about being flashy. Quality, to me, is the right content, presented in the right way, in the right place to the right people.

Up front, you may spend more to have better produced content, but the long-term savings will far out weigh the cost.

In the end, quality will build higher value for your brand and provide a better ROI.

Quality = Savings.

Quality is key in the digital world.

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Quality is a key piece to getting more out of what you produce.

As digital marketers, we are working hard to get others to spread what we produce. Much like Public Relations… When you are creating a press release the goal is to create the best release you can, so that editors and program directors will run with your story (passing it on… in masses.)

Going viral with a video is much the same.  We are creating quality Ads & content that cause those that watch it to pass it on.  This can grow to masses, as it is continued to be passed and passed and passed.

Quality is key. Quality content is a must.  Once you get someone to your site, blog or YouTube channel it will be the content that keeps them or causes them to click away. Quality is not always about being flashy. Quality, to me, is the right content, presented in the right way, in the right place to the right people.

Design is in the same line. Better design helps close the deal in stores with better packaging.  Better design helps build better brand impressions.  Better designed layout of content could be the difference between people reading or not.

Quality with everything you do… design, content (video or written) and all other things you release to the world, will make all the difference in what you are communicating.

Twitter talks @ MipTV

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Chloe Sladden @MipTV

Chloe Sladden @MipTV

Chloe Sladden, who is in charge of media partnerships at Twitter, spoke at MipTV yesterday. She discussed how twitter can not only help engage large audiences for broadcasters, but it can also improve the content with real-time conversation.

Sladden explained that if you can watch a program, while having a conversation with your friends about what you are watching, it enhances the overall experience.

I know it does make it different. When you watch something with others, you do have a different experience, in the fact that you start taking in their opinions.  That can be good or bad.  Overall, conversation is good. Think about YouTube…  if you have a video that is ‘most commented on’ it increases your rating and the awareness of that clip.  This will work the same for programs being tweeted about.

Twitter will continue to open up the digital conversation and expand awareness/reach of those conversations. This is already increasing viewership for media, just as it does for products or services.

New Media Marketers will continue to improve their integration of digital tools. Twitter is a big part of that.

The cool thing is Twitter has launched a media outlet to read case studies and see what others are doing by using twitter to enhance their programming.  Check it out @ and follow @twittermedia.

You can also read more about what Chloe Sladden said on the MipTV’s blog.

‘Livin’ Loud’ @ MipTV

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We’re kicking this week off with our latest TV Series, ‘Livin’ Loud,’ debuting in Cannes, France @ MipTV.

From what we hear… Broadcaster’s are looking for “Feel Good TV” and that is what ‘Livin’ Loud’ is all about.

It is an exciting Monday.

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