Reaching Critical Mass Faster

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I was looking back at an older Blog book written by Hugh Hewitt.  In one of the chapters he writes about the Protestant Reformation… Martin Luther was able to question Catholicism without persecution because of the invention of movable-type printing press. This type of printing allowed for printing to be 400 percent less expensive. This allowed a much larger reach of communication in a short amount of time.

Prior to this, only the rich could get their hands on information.  This new way to print allowed the majority of people to receive information. Martin Luther’s message spread around Europe in about a month.  Without the movable-type printing press this wouldn’t have happened and Martin Luther would have been silenced.  He reached a critical mass.

Fast-forward to the last 10 years…  The digital communication we experience today has again been made possible by new technology.  The cost of reaching critical mass has once again been greatly reduced.

Now, take today and the near future, it is all about taking this digital information anywhere via mobile. This is powerful because 4-times more people own a mobile phone than those that own a computer. Mobile content once again, allows a greater reach, in a shorter time, at a reduced cost.

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