Knowing your Target Audience.

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Seth Godin’s discusses the success of Steve Cohen, who makes a million a year doing magic.

Seth brings up some points that make Steve successful.  I agree knowing his craft is huge, but then from there it comes down to his narrowed target audience and knowing that audience very, very well.

The better you know your target audience the better you can provide to them and the better you can sell to them. I think too many people brush over their target audience and don’t give enough thought into the matter.  If you truly take the time to deeply understand your target audience you will have a much high chance of success.

The knowledge you get from doing the research and digging further will allow for much better answers to the questions of what you should say, how you should say, when you should say, where you should say and much, much more.

These items tend to seem simple and in some ways they are, but if you force yourself to peel back another layer and then another, you will find great communication with your audience.  Better Brand Building!!!

Think of it as writing a script without knowing the characters.  That sounds ridiculous… doesn’t it?  And it is, so is not knowing your Target Audience the best you can.

Dig deeper and you’ll find the gold.

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