Going Big

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Going online/digital allows you to go big, as I discussed a few posts ago, Reaching Critical Mass Faster, but is not always about going as big as you can. Strategy trumps size, unless size is the game.

For most brands it is about reaching the right people.  There are so many social communities that some times the biggest one is not necessarily the ones that will achieve the maximum results for that brand.

Even when you are working with the largest communities, they have inner circles.

Crisis! What happens to Brands in Social Media?

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We are seeing more and more Brands come under tough times when dealing with their Brand Crisis.

Johnson & Johnson & BP are good, current examples.

With the age of digital media, it is and will continue to be more difficult for brands to hide from the consequences of their mistakes. Obviously, we all want to know the Brands we buy are doing all they can for our safety.  As sustainability continues to grow in awareness, what Brands do for the environment and how they reduce their impact to the world is also important.

With that as a standard, even the best of companies will have errors or mistakes. Things happen.  These things can be greatly reduced with great operations, but are not foolproof. So what happens when things go wrong?

With the opportunity for us to all communicate more and with much more speed, we can all be heard by the world. Digital mobilization can happen very quickly by angry consumers. The more honest Brands are, the quicker and better they will recover. Brands that hide things are much more likely to get caught and that just increases the problem.

The quicker Brands say, “Yes, we have a problem and here is what we are doing to fix it…” and then do it, the better they will fair.

Also, I think we are all seeing and hear more about these Brand problems, again because of the increased opportunity to communicate on large scale. Consumers are speaking out and if Brands are not honest and show that they are doing everything they can to correct the issue, they will lose ground quickly in digital media.