Nappic’s amazing campaign for the Tracy Automall. 19 Million in 10 Weeks.

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The City of Tracy, has one of the largest Automall’s in Northern California and it typically represents 20% of the city’s tax revenue. Due to the economic downturn many dealerships have been going out of business and/or having tough times. ¬†Thinking long-term and wanting to save as much of their automall as possible, the City of Tracy worked with Nappic promoting regional traffic to buy new cars in Tracy.

The promotion was a $500 gift card for use at Tracy retailers and restaurants for the first 800 buyers of new cars at the Tracy Automall.

Nappic produced a commercial and mainly using Facebook we reached over 6 million impressions in 6 weeks, with 1,600 click-throughs to the promo site a day.

We sold over 19 million dollars in new cars in 10 weeks.  This nearly doubled the cars sold over the 5 months prior.

For more information and to view the campaign view: City of Tracy Automall.