We are communicators, storytellers, artists, technicians, inventors, designers, producers, filmmakers, writers, dreamers…

Nappic is a hardworking, honest and dedicated communications and cinema company. More specifically, we are a branding and entertainment firm that produces engaging content that catches the attention of the targeted audience.

What We Do

Nappic has produced award-winning content and national media has recognized us as a pioneer in new media marketing. We have produced campaigns, such as:

The viral campaign for TaxBrain.com, “Stolen NASCAR,” that reached over 40 million, with 3 million unique visitors to their site in 3 weeks.

The social media campaign for the City of Tracyʼs AutoMall, “Get More,” that made 5.9 million impressions on FaceBook with an average of 1,600 click-throughs a day to the campaigns promotional website that sold 800 new cars in 10 weeks; totaling over 19 million in revenue.

Nappic has produced hundreds of advertising, marketing and internal promotions for many
companies including Apple, Palm and Charles Schwab.

Ultimately, we are about people, relationships and the convergence of vision, focus and teamwork.


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