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Chloe Sladden @MipTV

Chloe Sladden @MipTV

Chloe Sladden, who is in charge of media partnerships at Twitter, spoke at MipTV yesterday. She discussed how twitter can not only help engage large audiences for broadcasters, but it can also improve the content with real-time conversation.

Sladden explained that if you can watch a program, while having a conversation with your friends about what you are watching, it enhances the overall experience.

I know it does make it different. When you watch something with others, you do have a different experience, in the fact that you start taking in their opinions.  That can be good or bad.  Overall, conversation is good. Think about YouTube…  if you have a video that is ‘most commented on’ it increases your rating and the awareness of that clip.  This will work the same for programs being tweeted about.

Twitter will continue to open up the digital conversation and expand awareness/reach of those conversations. This is already increasing viewership for media, just as it does for products or services.

New Media Marketers will continue to improve their integration of digital tools. Twitter is a big part of that.

The cool thing is Twitter has launched a media outlet to read case studies and see what others are doing by using twitter to enhance their programming.  Check it out @ and follow @twittermedia.

You can also read more about what Chloe Sladden said on the MipTV’s blog.

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