No matter where Technology takes us Great Content is Still KING!

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In PR you create the best press release possible in order to gain the attention of Editors and Program directors, so they will broadcast or publish your story (spreading the word.) Today we create the best Ads we possible can and your audience spreads the word.  This is where Entertainment comes in…

People want to be Entertained & Engaged. Having a brand lightly include or embedded in an entertaining piece of content can influence those who like it enough to forward it on.

This is enhanced by embracing new technology and will continue to be advanced. No matter where Technology takes us, Great Content will be the necessary glue to make increased impressions.

Stop Wasting Time, Reach the Right People Online!

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There are those that think they can upload content online and that’s it, that’s social marketing, when in fact you have to be very strategic about where, when, why and who you’re reaching.  If you just reach the right people in the right places, you will greatly increase your engagement.

The large communities, such as YouTube and Facebook, are very useful, but need to be utilized strategically, due to the sheer quantity of users.  Some times the best place is a smaller community that better represents your target audience.  Even the bigger communities have inner circles.

Think about it before you deploy your content. If you are putting time and energy into developing your content, you’re going to want it to reach the right people, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Digital Potential Over Traditional Media

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Some people don’t see the digital potential over traditional media, but really more people spend more time in front of their computers or using their mobile phones, if you just get involved in digital communities, you’ll reach and engage more people with less marketing dollars.

This means more money in your pockets, more sales and/0r more clients.

Misconception: Social Media is Dominated by Teenagers

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People think social media is for teenagers to share pictures on facebook or Tweet about their breakfast, when in fact, the fastest growing demographic on social networks in 2009 were men and women 45 and over.

If you just engage your target audience with compelling content then you’ll grow some of the most meaningful relationship for your business.

Going Big

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Going online/digital allows you to go big, as I discussed a few posts ago, Reaching Critical Mass Faster, but is not always about going as big as you can. Strategy trumps size, unless size is the game.

For most brands it is about reaching the right people.  There are so many social communities that some times the biggest one is not necessarily the ones that will achieve the maximum results for that brand.

Even when you are working with the largest communities, they have inner circles.

Crisis! What happens to Brands in Social Media?

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We are seeing more and more Brands come under tough times when dealing with their Brand Crisis.

Johnson & Johnson & BP are good, current examples.

With the age of digital media, it is and will continue to be more difficult for brands to hide from the consequences of their mistakes. Obviously, we all want to know the Brands we buy are doing all they can for our safety.  As sustainability continues to grow in awareness, what Brands do for the environment and how they reduce their impact to the world is also important.

With that as a standard, even the best of companies will have errors or mistakes. Things happen.  These things can be greatly reduced with great operations, but are not foolproof. So what happens when things go wrong?

With the opportunity for us to all communicate more and with much more speed, we can all be heard by the world. Digital mobilization can happen very quickly by angry consumers. The more honest Brands are, the quicker and better they will recover. Brands that hide things are much more likely to get caught and that just increases the problem.

The quicker Brands say, “Yes, we have a problem and here is what we are doing to fix it…” and then do it, the better they will fair.

Also, I think we are all seeing and hear more about these Brand problems, again because of the increased opportunity to communicate on large scale. Consumers are speaking out and if Brands are not honest and show that they are doing everything they can to correct the issue, they will lose ground quickly in digital media.

Digital Media can Launch your Brand. Are you Ready?

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Building Brands is not a new subject.  The end-goal of engaging consumers or business is the same.

What has changed?  The Tools….

Social Media (the big buzz word,) will come to be know as Digital Media.  Digital Media will encompass online and mobile.

Some people think that social media is for teenagers to swap photos or tweet about what they had for breakfast, but actual it is being used to grow brand engagement at a rapid pace.  If you just connect with your target audience in digital communities with the right content you’ll get the most engaging conversation you’ve had with your audience.

This is Explosive!!

Digital Communities allow you to have 2-way conversations with your audience and allowing many conversations at one time.

Referrals have always been one of the most powerful marketing tools and remains the same today.  With Social Media the opportunities for referral are so much easier.  This can exponential increase referrals to your brand.

We are helping our clients solve the mysteries behind Digital Media to improve their Brand Value and most important… Increase their Revenue.

Are you Ready?

Cable vs Broadcast


It is no surprise that cable has continued to grow and grab big programming. Oprah moved to cable. Monday Night Football did. Now March Madness.

People want to watch what they want to watch. Online, we search out exactly what we want and go.

TV is no different, that is why smaller networks (cable networks) are getting what they get. It narrows to a specific target. The big Broadcasters are very broad and want a very large and broad audience. While cable networks tend to reach fewer viewers, they reach more specific viewers. This is good for advertisers, if they are marketing to that specific demographic.

As more people do more things online the demand for specifically what we want grows. We have more choices to read what we want and watch what we want.

As content producers knowing where your content fits the best will allow you to grow viewership. As advertisers knowing what content to be along side or with, (for embedded content… in) can and will make all the difference.

More channels will come and their specialty will be greater. Especially, as they reach more of a global audience. As more goes global, it is possible to narrow even further. Thinking globally, a narrow, more specific program can reach larger audiences, in sheer numbers alone.

So, enjoy watching what you want, where you want.


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Now take my post from April 19th, ’Knowing Your Target Audience,’ mix in the post from April 21st, ‘Reaching Critical Mass Faster,’ with the post from April 14th, ‘Quality is Key in the Digital World’ and you have power.

Power as a marketer, to reach who you need to with the right quality content. These are some of the things that Nappic works with everyday.

Right now we’re having some really exciting times.

Reaching Critical Mass Faster

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I was looking back at an older Blog book written by Hugh Hewitt.  In one of the chapters he writes about the Protestant Reformation… Martin Luther was able to question Catholicism without persecution because of the invention of movable-type printing press. This type of printing allowed for printing to be 400 percent less expensive. This allowed a much larger reach of communication in a short amount of time.

Prior to this, only the rich could get their hands on information.  This new way to print allowed the majority of people to receive information. Martin Luther’s message spread around Europe in about a month.  Without the movable-type printing press this wouldn’t have happened and Martin Luther would have been silenced.  He reached a critical mass.

Fast-forward to the last 10 years…  The digital communication we experience today has again been made possible by new technology.  The cost of reaching critical mass has once again been greatly reduced.

Now, take today and the near future, it is all about taking this digital information anywhere via mobile. This is powerful because 4-times more people own a mobile phone than those that own a computer. Mobile content once again, allows a greater reach, in a shorter time, at a reduced cost.

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