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Our Brand Process

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Our process is broken down into three easy, effective stages – Brand Base, Brand Message and Brand Voice. The Nappic 3-Stage process ensures maximum results on any budget.
Stage 1: Brand Base. If your company is satisfied with existing Brand, Nappic dives into the story behind your Brand, the vision, the mission and core values of the company. Through this process we are looking to ensure that your Brand is solid and long-term-minded. 
Nappic then creates and maintains your new identity system (business card, letterhead and envelopes).
Stage 2: Brand Message 

Once your company’s Brand Base is solid, we develop the Message that supports it. Your message is your company’s business communication tools. 
  • Internal communication tools like training/incentive videos, company handbooks, presentation templates, intranet/portal and any additional tools that are used to communicate your company Brand to internal audiences.
  • External tools communications tools include corporate websites, videos, brochures and any other tools that are designed to communicate the company’s Brand to potential clients, partners and/or investors.
Stage 3: Brand Voice
Stage three is about choosing the right channels (Public Relations, Social Networking, and Advertising) to spread the word about your company. With a Brand Base and Brand Message in place we are ready to hit the streets and spread the word about your company. The Brand Base and Message will provide potential customers with the tone that will lure them in. Once they familiarize themselves with your Message they’ll become advocates and buyers. 
The importance of order.
There is no reward in cutting corners. To achieve maximum results each company we work with must complete each stage of the process in the order outlined above. We have seen first hand what can happen if a company does not have all their components in place (and order). For example, if your company does not have a solid foundation (Brand Base) and you begin developing communications (Brand Message) it is likely the Brand Message and Brand Voice will fall short and not impact the customer in the desired way and therefore impact revenue and customers loyalty.
Our three-stage process ensures maximum effectiveness and success. Additionally, our process prepares companies for the future and often creates a buffer during the ups and downs of the economy.
Let us guide your company to success through our three stage process.